N advantages of high-quality men 娶 “leftover women”

I have a friend who is almost 30 years old and still single. He is always looking for awkwardness. His colleagues have introduced a lot of girlfriends to him. But he has nothing to do with him. What does he want to be? He Say: “I am looking for a leftover woman.” When everyone said it, everyone was very surprised. So, he helped us analyze several advantages of the remaining women. The leftover woman can enjoy the happiness of flash marriage. He said that if I find a leftover woman I like, then I will marry him with lightning. Although this will not be favored by others, I think this is a kind of happiness. Because the time of love is relatively short, we will not enter the aesthetic fatigue period. After the marriage, we are still in love, and there is still sweet love after marriage, so we will successfully pass the running-in period. The rate of divorce is relatively low. He said that although I am still not married, I look at the friends who are married early, and some of them are divorced. And if there are women left, the divorce rate is relatively low. Many leftover women have emotional experiences. For love that is hard to come by, they will know more about cherishing. Therefore, they understand tolerance and understanding in their married life, and their relationship will be deeper and more difficult to separate. The woman left behind is not worried about the child. For the leftover woman, once married, she will hurry to have a child. And some women who are married early, they always worry about the things that want children, is it still or not? What time is it? This will become a problem for them, and this problem can easily affect the happiness of the family. For the leftover woman, these unnecessary troubles will be lost.