Psychological factors that can lead to a woman’s sexual indifference

Single is not terrible, the most terrible thing is that the wife is cold after marriage. The impact of this gender issue on the husband and wife life is very great, so everyone must pay attention to the woman’s sexual indifference, find out the psychological factors in time, and carry out symptomatic treatment. So how much do you know about the psychological factors of women’s coldness? 1. The marital relationship is not harmonious, mutual distrust, suspicion or resentment, can not produce sexual excitement. 2, worry about pregnancy, fear, and no reliable contraceptive measures, inhibiting normal sexual gratification, but also cause sexual indifference. 3, the woman has had a more serious hand yin habits, the pleasure of sex after marriage is not strong enough, or the man has sexual dysfunction such as impotence, premature ejaculation, the woman can not get sexual satisfaction. 4, due to improper childhood education, psychological trauma caused by sexual harassment, religious edification or adult role models and other factors, forming a prejudice against sexual life, such as thinking that sex is dirty, yin unclean behavior, is a sin It is “a man is happy, a woman is guilty of sin”, and thus has an aversion, resentment, and fear of sexual life.