Deep analysis! What is the most annoying thing when she is intimate?

It is undoubtedly very difficult to guess what a woman’s heart is thinking, especially in a relationship between women and men. The law can be followed. In fact, women have a lot of similarities in their attitude towards love and love. Not hygienic, without condoms may be because of laziness, perhaps like impromptu sex, there are many men who refuse to take a bath before making love. What makes women more headaches is that some men even refuse to bring condoms because they don’t like “itching around the boots.” However, unsafe sex brings women all kinds of troubles, including gynecological diseases, abortions, etc., so the most unbearable for women is the men who are against her in the bathing and condom problems. Expert opinion: From the physiological characteristics of women, women are more susceptible to infections in genital tract infections. This is also the reason why women are more demanding. If you are in love, you will fall asleep. If you fall asleep because you are exhausted, no woman will think so: “He just used me as a tool for venting. He didn’t love me at all.” Judy, a famous American therapist The doctor also pointed out that in the process of making love, the brain’s pituitary gland secretes the posterior aphrodisiac, which makes people feel warm and want to embrace, and women are more likely to produce this hormone than men. Therefore, after sex, women will be more eager to embrace and caress. Expert opinion: Women are slower than male sexual excitement, and they are slow after the same orgasm. The man can continue to give some stimulation to help her slowly dissipate. Inappropriate sexual requirements Whether she is exhausted or uncomfortable, only men who know the sexual requirements will only make women feel resentful. I feel that you don’t care about her at all, but only care about your own desires. Making love is a matter of wishful thinking. Once you are reluctant, you will feel uninterested. Expert opinion: Remind men that unsuitable sexual requirements can make women feel sick and have a subconscious resistance to sexual life. Foreplay women who perfuse things often regard the gentle and considerate foreplay as the embodiment of love. The meticulous caress is not only the appreciation of her body, but also the true feelings. Although many people understand this truth, there will still be men who go straight to the subject, which will only make women feel resentful, let alone perfect sex. Expert opinion: The physiological characteristics of women determine that she needs a long time to be excited. The caress of the man before the start of sexual life, including kissing, hugging, touching, and even massage, help the woman to be excited. If men are always in a sexual life, I think, I think the attitude, I believe that women can not get the feeling of satisfaction, and even think that men are not considerate and gentle.