Five single men that women hate most

Not every single man is a gold bachelor, a diamond king, and some men are single because they have not encountered fate. Some men are single because they are picky, and many men are single, but because of him. My own personality is really not like women. The savvy single men they announced in advance that the cost should not exceed how much money. Please ask the woman to return after the woman has eaten. Every time I have dinner, I will open the meal at the dinner table. He is telling others about him. Sent a big favor. Women can’t get a little bit of light from them. Women are good faces and they are cheap. At least they must ensure that their interests are not violated. It is difficult for a stingy man to do it. Women are often desperately invited twice. To fall in love with them is simply not to find happiness. The melancholy single men see their life too heavy, serious problems, often ask what to do, often say annoying. The air where they are is suppressed, the dull atmosphere is easy to infect others, they can not see hope, more is to see the darkness and sadness of life. With them, you have to guess what he is annoying. Why is he not happy? Under normal circumstances, this kind of man will not chase the girl, and no girl will take the initiative to send her. Indifferent and selfish single man, this man will never think that you are a woman and will let you endure. In his eyes, a woman should take the initiative to pay. In front of the girl, he will be very cold and give you a look, and the demonstration will tell you. Don’t want him to take the initiative to pursue you, impossible. When I was involved, I pushed my responsibilities to the woman, and I left my sleeves and left. I also lost my image and opportunity, and took away the feeling and good impression of the woman. No woman is interested in this man who has no pity for jade. The incompetent single man “has the heart to plant flowers and flowers, and has no intention of inserting willows into the shadows.” This inaction thought should have been abandoned, and everything is exchanged through hard work, intelligence, and wisdom. If you don’t want money, you want status, and money and status will run to your feet to make you jealous, then the world will not have so much dissatisfaction. Any man must set a lofty goal in advance, and the man who constantly strives for the goal will be radiant, self-improving, struggling, and endless. A man has no idea, hehe, like a walking dead, no energy, no light. Men always hope that they can find a girlfriend in the kitchen under the hall, but before setting such conditions, all male friends must check themselves to see if they have such ability and strength. In particular, the above-mentioned single men, want to find a girlfriend first learn to change yourself!