Do not order! Four men are the most vulnerable to wearing green hats

Lead: Marriage life is as light as water, the passion before marriage becomes lighter and thinner with the tempering of life. At this time, some people always make some extraordinary moves in order to seek the passion of the past, that is, extramarital affairs. In fact, couples will inevitably encounter unsatisfactory places. If a man does not run his own marriage, then it is very dangerous. Sometimes he is not wearing a green hat. So, which kind of man is most likely to be wearing a green hat? Entrepreneurs and programmers are busy with socializing, and often go out to the occasion of coloring. If they are not careful, they will exhaust their energy. After returning home, they are already tired like a beach. Slime, but his wife still wants to be intimate with him, one is cold, and a hot marriage will also lead to a red light in marriage. Although women will not be able to make a difference with men, they will not treat themselves badly. The programmer is too boring, knowing to do the program every day, not knowing to soothe himself, and finally his wife is not being debugged by others. Although highly educated people or college students or highly educated people have relatively simple ideas, they are also easy to be wearing green hats. It is not a strange thing for a college girl to have a good time with a few boys. When they do not find a spare tire, they will be with their boyfriend. Once they have found a new love, they will relentlessly turn their boyfriend into an ex-boyfriend. Although highly educated people can master the knowledge, they can’t control women. Their emotional intelligence is a bit low, and they don’t know what kind of “means” can be used to retain their women. Although young female artists do not want to say it, they have to admit that the thoughts of young female writers are more debauchery. Their fixed spouse will be two or even more than two. If she is really willing to be a good wife and a good mother, she will probably not be a literary, and the confusing life can bring motivation to their creation. inspiration. Nowadays women are open-minded, especially Wen Qing or female writers are less accountable than others’ views and worldly eyes. Debauchery is far more tempting than a dull couple.