The health of the liver should not be underestimate

The health of the liver should not be underestimated. It must be well maintained. Don’t wait for the liver disease to regret it. I hope everyone is healthy and healthy.
Mushrooms are often sold in the market, and the prices are relatively cheap. They are rich in amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides and other nutrients, and have high food value. In addition, it also has a high medicinal value, detoxification, can promote the liver to excrete harmful substances, improve read more

Recommendation: Walking in the wild, choo

Recommendation: Walking in the wild, choose shoes that can protect your ankles, preferably leather. This way, even if you encounter a snake worm, you can minimize the damage; don’t sit in the grass or the woods for a long time, so that snakes and worms can crawl on the body and bite yourself. You can carry the toilet water with you. Apply it to prevent some insects. near.
On the National Day holiday, what should I do if I encounter a “tourism disease”?

Beware of snake bites read more

ther you eat fresh walnuts or dry walnuts

Whether you eat fresh walnuts or dry walnuts, don’t peel them, this will waste the nutrients on the thin skin of the walnuts, and the body will absorb less.

2, eat walnut peeling


Autumn harvest, walnuts have high nutritional value, but these two ways are not desirable

Although the nutritional value of walnut is quite high, if it is eaten in large quantities, it will cause people to absorb a lot of oil, increase the burden of blood vessels, and even make people fat, which is not conducive read more

Finally, remind the white-collar workers that th

Finally, remind the white-collar workers that they have at least 8 hours of working time a day, plus watching TV at regular times, sitting while eating, and long-term sedentary is not only easy to cause constipation, but also affects the human body. The blood circulation, so do not stand up and walk around when conditions permit, and move under the bones. When you


go to work and collaborate with colleagues in the same office building, you can consider going over and communicating instead of read more

After a nap, the human body can not fully relieve fro

After a nap, the human body can not fully relieve from the state of nap, and there will be mental paralysis, which is a normal phenomenon. At this time, it is forbidden to start training immediately. The best way is to drink a glass of water, close your eyes and meditate for a while, and then start the work after finishing the state.
Fifth, wake up to wake up properly buffer

Nap is generally not more than an hour, because the time of nap is long, people will enter deep sleep, the central read more

This action requires you to sit in the 1/3 of the ch

This action requires you to sit in the 1/3 of the chair, then stretch your feet forward, pay attention to the knees not to bend, the upper body naturally bends forward, this time with your own hands to reach your ankles, repeat five or six times, each It will be fine for one minute.
6, the front of the chair

This action also requires you to stand in front of the chair with a good standing posture. The two hands are straight and hold the back of the chair. The body is flexed to a right angle, read more