Do not order! Four men are the most vulnerable to wearing green hats

Lead: Marriage life is as light as water, the passion before marriage becomes lighter and thinner with the tempering of life. At this time, some people always make some extraordinary moves in order to seek the passion of the past, that is, extramarital affairs. In fact, couples will inevitably encounter unsatisfactory places. If a man does not run his own marriage, then it is very dangerous. Sometimes he is not wearing a green hat. So, which kind of man is most likely to be wearing a green hat? read more

Five single men that women hate most

Not every single man is a gold bachelor, a diamond king, and some men are single because they have not encountered fate. Some men are single because they are picky, and many men are single, but because of him. My own personality is really not like women. The savvy single men they announced in advance that the cost should not exceed how much money. Please ask the woman to return after the woman has eaten. Every time I have dinner, I will open the meal at the dinner table. He is telling others about read more

Shocked: This is more important than the “big man”

For the size of the genitals, women do not care, as long as they can be used, and too majestic Tintin will make women contradictory, and men care about the size of the genitals, in addition to self-esteem, more because of love The impact of action movies. In fact, the size of the man’s Tintin is not important for hardness.

Deep analysis! What is the most annoying thing when she is intimate?

It is undoubtedly very difficult to guess what a woman’s heart is thinking, especially in a relationship between women and men. The law can be followed. In fact, women have a lot of similarities in their attitude towards love and love. Not hygienic, without condoms may be because of laziness, perhaps like impromptu sex, there are many men who refuse to take a bath before making love. What makes women more headaches is that some men even refuse to bring condoms because they don’t like “itching read more

Psychological factors that can lead to a woman’s sexual indifference

Single is not terrible, the most terrible thing is that the wife is cold after marriage. The impact of this gender issue on the husband and wife life is very great, so everyone must pay attention to the woman’s sexual indifference, find out the psychological factors in time, and carry out symptomatic treatment. So how much do you know about the psychological factors of women’s coldness? 1. The marital relationship is not harmonious, mutual distrust, suspicion or resentment, can not read more

N advantages of high-quality men 娶 “leftover women”

I have a friend who is almost 30 years old and still single. He is always looking for awkwardness. His colleagues have introduced a lot of girlfriends to him. But he has nothing to do with him. What does he want to be? He Say: “I am looking for a leftover woman.” When everyone said it, everyone was very surprised. So, he helped us analyze several advantages of the remaining women. The leftover woman can enjoy the happiness of flash marriage. He said that if I find a leftover woman read more