The best time to have sex is morning

Sexual knowledge Daquan Do you know what? What do you want to know about sex sex? What is the best time to have sex? The following is a small series that tells you what to do when you are sex. Let’s take a look. The best time to have sex in the morning is the warmest time for men. It should be a time that men like most, and it is also a time for them to adopt, because most men are in an erect state when they wake up in the morning. But many women have the opposite opinion. Women pay more read more

These 6 misconceptions endanger sexual health

Sex is still in a difficult stage in China, so many people only know about their sexually transmitted diseases and do not know their connotations. I don’t know how to prevent it. Due to the influence of traditional thoughts, many women dare not discuss sex, so that they do not know the wrong concept of health care in sexual life. Let’s take a look at the following small series to see what misunderstandings are likely to lead to sexual health. One of the misconceptions: Everything is OK read more

Why do women like older men?

Everyone’s aesthetic is different, especially the current girls, many girls are more like the uncle type of men, they believe that such a man is mature enough to have a manly taste. Therefore, many women in life are more and more likely to accept this uncle’s man. So why do women like older men, which women like uncles most, and interested friends may wish to take a look. Why do women like older men? 1. People who have been influenced by Western factors in the previous generation told read more

The first five words that are the most suggestive for men and women

The first acquaintances of lonely men and women are often full of hidden seduce. As long as you understand the hints of the cryptic words, you can get more beautiful sex with a delicious meal. Let’s take a look at the intensity of the different sexual cues and the degree of lethality. Unfamiliar men and women meet in the vast sea, meet each other at a moment, then, the role of hormones makes you attract each other, everything seems to indicate the arrival of a special moment… Then, read more

Not a woman who is not spoiled, no one loves

It’s the best life for a woman, and the reality is true. Spoiling is not everyone’s. The proper spoiling will make men love you more, and vice versa. What should a woman who doesn’t spoil? What to do next? Let’s take a look at several coups to capture men. 1. Let your teeth sunbathe. A quiet girl will give a dull, uninteresting feeling. It is a heart stone for the male lead, and it will make him breathless, and there is no happiness. Think about it, men face work every day, face more read more

How ordinary girls attract boys to be lovers!

The shy nature of girls often makes us too silent for the boy we like, and is ashamed to express our love and affection. But women can’t always miss the good sex for their own restraint. Sorrow, sometimes it should not appear in sex. More is that we should be turned from a lady to a fierce woman, bold sex, let their men love themselves. Boldly attacked me to a friend’s birthday party, I immediately fell in love with this man, his eyes deep, can understand my sense of humor. At the read more